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GAMDIAS Raffreddamento Liquido CHIONE E2-120R FAN ARGB TELECOMANDO + SYNC SOFTWARE - Liquid Cooler

Riferimento: GAMCHIONEE2120R

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  • *Remote Controller Fan and pump can sync with motherboard software or remote control and can easily switch to 55 lighting effects including Neon-Flex RGB, Multi-color and LED off.
  • *RGB dual rings, fans, ring around the pump, and the logo.
  • *All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler offer maintenance-free, compact & easy-to-install fans. Both sides can be installed with fans.
  • *AEOLUS Box adds up to 8 fans & LED port for RGB Pump together to exhibit group lighting effects
  • *AEOLUS Box attaches to the computer case via magnets
  • *16+6 addressable RGB LEDs in one fan Daisy chain another AEOLUS Box for more lighting effects
  • *Teflon Tube Low-evaporation and durability
  • *Sync through 5V 3-pin header to MSI, GIGABYTE, and ASUS Supports motherboard sync software that has addressable RGB header (ASUS), JRAINBOW (MSI) or Digital Pin Header (GIGABYTE)
  • *Copper Base Plate Outstanding thermal conductivity

Customize Your winning Pattern

The advanced trio of RGB; dual rings, fans, ring around the pump, and the logo. 55 lighting effects built-in, including Neon-Flex RGB, Multi-color and LED off. With the compact remote controller, simply create your own RGB style by pressing buttons to exchange various effects and fan speeds, or switch to MB mode for software adjustment.

CHIONE E2 120 1

Straightforward Installation

As an all-in-one liquid cooler, CHIONE E2-120R does not take much space and offers different options for installation. The amazing design makes the installation and

CHIONE E2 120 2

Integrate Your Style

Add up to 8 fans to exhibit group lighting effects, with the AEOLUS Box included, with it's small form factor is magnetically held inside your case. With Daisy Chain Topology, no matter how many fans you install in the case, you can always connect more than one AEOLUS Box together.

CHIONE E2 120 3

Impeccable Durability

CHIONE E2-120R comes with the leak-free Teflon Tube which makes this All-in-One system extremely low maintenance. The tube handles high pressure in extreme heat, adding to the cooling process. Hence, this makes CHIONE E2-120R a tremendously durable cooler.

CHIONE E2 120 4

One Click, Sync All

CHIONE E2-120R supports motherboard sync through the manufacture software that has addressable RGB header (ASUS), JRAINBOW (MSI) or Digital Pin Header (GIGABYTE), which makes it easier to unite your case from chaos to calm through the 5V 3-pin header.

CHIONE E2 120 5

Outstanding Thermal Conductivity

The copper base plate maximizes heat dissipation to offer superior cooling performance..

CHIONE E2 120 6

CHIONE E2-120R Overview

"Customize your winning pattern"

CHIONE E2-120R is more than just a liquid cooler. Along with the outstanding thermal conductivity of copper base plate, CHIONE E2-120R features AEOLUS Box and compact remote controller. It's integrated lighting effects and fans speed control, along with motherboard RGB sync, simply create your own RGB style and makes your PC setup experience complete. 

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